RTC Leaderboard - All Finishers Times

1Bruce Hughes RTC 2018 1d 18h51
2Jacques Tatersall RTC 2018 1d 21h43
3Mike Woolnough RTC 2019 1d 22h30
4Alex Harris RTC 2015 1d 23h35
5Alex Harris RTC 2016 2d 01h09
6Mike Woolnough RTC 2017 2d 01h34
7Jacques Tatersall RTC 2017 2d 02h15
8Leon Erasmus RTC 2017 2d 02h15
9Mike Woolnough RTC 2016 2d 05h35
10Anthony Avidon RTC 2017 2d 05h35
11Casper Venter RTC 2016 2d 05h44
12Mike Woolnough RTC 2018 2d 06h11
13Anthony Avidon RTC 2016 2d 06h34
14Fjord Jordaan RTC 2016 2d 07h55
15Gavin Horton RTC 2018 2d 12h15
16Janine Stewart RTC 2016 2d 13h20
17Mike Woolnough RTC 2015 2d 15h35
18Casper Venter RTC 2015 2d 15h35
19Tim James RTC 2015 2d 17h40
20Charles Mansfield RTC 2016 2d 20h35
21Mike Potgieter RTC 2016 2d 21h35
22Christopher Mortimer RTC 2016 2d 21h35
23Jacques Swart RTC 2017 3d 03h03
24Eddie Stafford RTC 2017 3d 03h03
25Jerrard le Roux RTC 2017 3d 03h03
26Wynand Baard RTC 2017 3d 03h03
27Christopher Mortimer RTC 2017 3d 03h06
28Tim James RTC 2018 3d 03h37
29Janine Stewart RTC 2018 3d 05h56
30Mark Stewart RTC 2018 3d 05h56
31Jurjen Draaijer RTC 2019 3d 06h09
32Coen de Bruin RTC 2015 3d 06h30
33Carl Scholtz RTC 2015 3d 06h30
34Allen Sharp RTC 2017 3d 06h35
35Ben de Lange RTC 2017 3d 06h35
36Alan Mildenhall RTC 2017 3d 06h35
37Casper Venter RTC 2017 3d 06h36
38Gavin Robinson RTC 2017 3d 07h50
39Jan van de Putte RTC 2017 3d 07h50
40Jacques Tatersall RTC 2016 3d 10h15
41Trevor Elliot RTC 2018 3d 14h51
42Philip Kleijnhans RTC 2018 3d 14h51
43Gavin Robinson RTC 2016 4d 04h45
44Ingrid Avidon RTC 2019 4d 06h20
45Joyce Benade RTC 2018 4d 07h31
46Ben de Lange RTC 2016 4d 08h35
47Theo van Dyk RTC 2016 4d 08h35
48David van der Westhuizen RTC 2016 4d 08h35
49Joyce Benade RTC 2016 4d 08h35
50Ann Harrison RTC 2016 4d 08h35
51Grant Cowen RTC 2016 4d 08h35
52Willie Esterhuizen RTC 2018 4d 08h37
53Fanus Vorster RTC 2018 4d 08h37
54Brian O'Regan RTC 2017 4d 08h38
55Kemsley Wood RTC 2017 4d 09h10
56Andrew Green RTC 2017 4d 09h10
57Trevor Elliot RTC 2017 4d 09h22
58Ian Trotter RTC 2018 4d 09h30
59Gavin Robinson RTC 2018 4d 09h30
60Peter Hilder RTC 2018 4d 09h30
61Grant Hill RTC 2018 4d 09h30
62Rebecca Sands RTC 2017 4d 09h50
63Sean Brown RTC 2017 4d 09h50
64Chris Morris RTC 2015 4d 10h05
65Ray Sephton RTC 2015 4d 10h05
66Janine Stewart RTC 2015 4d 10h05
67Gavin Robinson RTC 2015 4d 10h08
68Theo van Dyk RTC 2015 4d 10h08
69Colin Anderson RTC 2015 4d 10h08
70Henry Angove RTC 2015 4d 10h08
71Pierre Singery RTC 2017 4d 10h10
72Leon Kruger RTC 2016 4d 10h15
73Brad van der Westhuizen RTC 2016 4d 10h15
74Trevor Maarschalk RTC 2016 4d 10h15
75Edgar Kingwill RTC 2016 4d 10h15
76David Kruger RTC 2016 4d 10h15
77Gary Stirk RTC 2016 4d 10h15
78Alex Kingwill RTC 2016 4d 10h15
79Andrew Hanger RTC 2016 4d 10h15
80Mike Potgieter RTC 2018 4d 10h30
81Chris Charter RTC 2018 4d 10h30
82Donald Rogan RTC 2018 4d 10h30
83David Notten RTC 2018 4d 10h43
84David Bell RTC 2015 4d 10h45
85Dawn Bell RTC 2015 4d 10h45
86Brad van der Westhuizen RTC 2015 4d 10h45
87Colleen Cawood RTC 2015 4d 10h45
88Mike Patchitt RTC 2018 4d 10h54
89Rory Field RTC 2016 4d 10h55
90Sergio Maraschin RTC 2016 4d 10h55
91Fabio Maraschin RTC 2016 4d 10h55
92Colin Flateau RTC 2016 4d 10h55
93Shaun Tischendorf RTC 2016 4d 10h55
94Justin Dowdle RTC 2019 4d 11h00
95John Foord RTC 2016 4d 11h30
96Rusell Hanger RTC 2016 4d 11h30
97Chris Harburn RTC 2016 4d 11h30
98Chris Morris RTC 2018 4d 11h58
99Gregg Sneddon RTC 2017 4d 12h30
100Gareth Ochse RTC 2017 4d 12h30
101Charles Hughes RTC 2019 4d 12h30
102Greg Fisher RTC 2019 4d 12h30
103Brad van der Westhuizen RTC 2017 4d 12h35
104Nikki Nairn RTC 2017 4d 12h35
105Richard Erasmus RTC 2017 4d 12h35
106Rowan Matthews RTC 2017 4d 12h35
107Mike Harker RTC 2019 4d 12h36
108Andrew Langford RTC 2019 4d 12h36
109Mark Pattison RTC 2019 4d 12h36
110Alastair Nairn RTC 2019 4d 12h36
111Jason Wesson RTC 2019 4d 12h36
112Fiona CowardRTC 2016 4d 12h40
113Lance Rorich RTC 2018 4d 12h43
114Christiaan van Oudtshoorn RTC 2018 4d 13h06
115Marais Steyn RTC 2018 4d 13h07
116Harry Orr RTC 2018 4d 13h07
117Frank Kettner RTC 2018 4d 13h08
118Fiona Coward RTC 2015 4d 13h15
119Leon Kruger RTC 2015 4d 13h15
120Annie Labuscagne RTC 2015 4d 13h15
121Stewart Lombard RTC 2015 4d 13h15
122Craig Stoffberg RTC 2015 4d 13h15
123Kobus Hamilton RTC 2018 4d 13h39
124Sarah van Eeden RTC 2018 4d 13h41
125Robbie Viljoen RTC 2018 4d 13h42
126David Chappelow RTC 2017 4d 13h45
127Richard du Toit RTC 2018 4d 13h45
128Jane Horton RTC 2018 4d 13h58
129Gerrit Pretorius RTC 2017 4d 14h15
130Attie Jacobs RTC 2017 4d 14h15
131Almero Retief RTC 2017 4d 14h15
132Lynn Morris RTC 2017 4d 14h15
133Sandra Maytham-Bailey RTC 2017 4d 14h15
134Jac Saayman RTC 2016 4d 14h20
135Adohan van den Berg RTC 2016 4d 14h20
136Lee Machpherson RTC 2019 4d 14h42
137Grant Cowen RTC 2019 4d 14h42
138Ernst Behrens RTC 2017 4d 16h11
139Erik Egeland RTC 2017 5d 04h34
140Dave Moberly RTC 2017 5d 04h34
141Pete Button RTC 2017 5d 04h34
142Ray Sephton RTC 2019 5d 05h53
143Maria Telford RTC 2018 5d 06h00
144Cheryl Blackburn RTC 2018 5d 06h00
145Andrew Blackburn RTC 2018 5d 06h03
146Pippa Blackburn RTC 2018 5d 06h03
147Derrick Muller RTC 2018 5d 06h03
148Russell Holmes RTC 2018 5d 06h04
149Mark Basel RTC 2019 5d 06h30
150Debbie Basel RTC 2019 5d 06h30
151Chris Morris RTC 2016 5d 06h45
152Lindsay Morris RTC 2016 5d 06h45
153Mark Hankin RTC 2018 5d 07h42
154Steve Rowley RTC 2018 5d 07h42
155Tjaart Pretorius RTC 2018 5d 07h42
156Peter May RTC 2018 5d 07h42
157Russell Tucker RTC 2018 5d 07h42
158Mike Ward RTC 2017 5d 08h25
159Kim Ward RTC 2017 5d 08h25
160Lee Fuller RTC 2016 5d 09h32
161Bryn Roberts RTC 2016 5d 09h32
162George Evans RTC 2017 5d 09h45
163Tiaan Kotze RTC 2017 5d 09h45
164Riaan Meintjes RTC 2017 5d 09h45
165Ernesta Meintjes RTC 2017 5d 09h45
166Robert Verseput RTC 2019 5d 09h46
167Andrew Walker RTC 2019 5d 09h46
168Dominic Giampaolo RTC 2019 5d 09h46
169Roger Nicholson RTC 2019 5d 09h46
170Bryn Roberts RTC 2017 5d 10h00
171James Cruikshank RTC 2017 5d 10h00
172Jason Crookes RTC 2017 5d 10h00
173John Meterlerkamp RTC 2017 5d 10h14
174Jane Horton RTC 2017 5d 11h56
175Gavin Horton RTC 2017 5d 11h56
176Johnathan Peers RTC 2015 5d 13h15



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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