As the remaining riders march westwards towards the finish, the good weather continues along the trail. After today’s large batch of finishers, there are now more riders across the finish line than still out on the trail. Those that remain are: Gary (Batch 7),  had another short day out on the trail, riding from Prince Albert to Gamkaskloof and enjoying the perfect weather along the way.


Tim and Didi (Batch 5), who left Rouxpos this morning, passed through Anysberg on their way to Montagu. After a short stop there, they continued on towards McGregor, where they will arrive for a late supper.


Mandy and Sarah (Batch 3), Estelle and Wikus (Batch 4) all rode through from McGregor to Trouthaven today. Leaving early meant they arrived by lunchtime and could spend the afternoon resting and relaxing before the hike up Stettynskloof tomorrow.


The large group that left Stettynskloof this morning included father and son Pierre and Leonard, Kobus (Batch 6), Carl, Russell, Paul, Mark and Sean (Batch 5), as well as Graham (Batch 4) - first to arrive at Diemersfontein were Pierre and Leonard, followed by the trio of Carl, Paul and Russell, then Sean and Mark - all making it to Diemersfontein before dark. The remaining two, Graham and Kobus took a bit longer to get out of the kloof and ran out of daylight on the last tricky descent off Du Toits Kloof Pass but they eventually figured it out and were happy to finally cross the finish line.



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