Janine arrives in Cradock

Starting in the last batch with all the racers, Janine rode a smart race, sticking to her plan and riding at her own pace. Her first day ended at Kranskop, where she slept for a few hours and then continued in the early hours of the second day. Not scared to take on tricky portages on her own, she trusted her navigation skills and route knowledge. The second day ended in Hofmeyr and from there she rode all the way to the finish in a single push. Conditions on the last stretch deteriorated as the day progressed and she ended up riding the last few hours in heavy rain. But nothing could stop her determined effort and she posted a new women’s record in a time of 2days 13hours 20min. Well done Janine. 

Batch 4 are in Cradock

Theo, Ann, Grant, Ben, Joyce and Dave have ridden as a group since the start in Rhodes - with Theo as their captain, they made few errors and were consistently in before dark each day. They were also the group that probably had the best weather along the trail, managing to dodge most of the big storms that hit some of the other batches. Well done team.

Theo van Dyk               4d 8h 35min

Ann Harrison                4d 8h 35min

Grant Cowen                4d 8h 35min

Joyce Benade               4d 8h 35min

Dave vd Westhuizen     4d 8h 35min

Ben de Lange                4d 8h 35min


Cradock awaits the rest of the field

With the first of the racers finished and the rest closing in on the finish, it looks like a busy day in Cradock today. The first expected arrivals should be Mike and Casper later this morning. Then its Anthony, Fjord and the group of Theo, Grant, Ann, Dave, Joyce and Ben - who should be home by early afternoon. Behind them are Janine and Gavin, who could also still finish today. Gavin spent the night on Elandsberg mountain and still had some difficulty finding his way down the mountain in light this morning. He’ll need to regroup at Elandsberg before continuing but it’s still possible for him to get to Cradock tonight. Janine is having an impressive ride and she’s been riding solo most of the way - she’s on track for a new women’s record, a great effort from her.

Anthony and Fjord are home

The next arrival in Cradock was Anthony - riding in from Elandsberg today. He had a few moments on the Elandsberg portage last night but got through in the end and decided to stop and sleep there.  He then left early and got to Newlands for breakfast, before pushing on to the end. His finishing time places him fourth overall. Fjord followed a similar schedule on his final day, also leaving from Elandsberg this morning. He’s ridden a steady race since the beginning and will be pleased with his fifth place finish - well done guys

Anthony Avidon       2d 6h 34min (54h 34min)

Fjord Jordaan          2d 7h 55min (55h 55min)


We have a winner

Alex rolled into Cradock just after 6am this morning - the clock officially stopped at 06h08, which gives him a finishing time of 2d 1h 8min (or 49h8min) - not quite as quick as last year but an impressive time nonetheless. He described the ride as tougher than last year, with mud early on and persistent winds later. The sleepmonsters also caught up with him towards the end but that’s all part of the game. His finishing time seals the win for 2016 and his chasers Mike and Casper will have to settle for second as they are still a few hours from the finish. Well done Alex.

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