Early morning arrivals

With yesterday’s big group arriving in Cradock, the dinner and celebrations were a festive affair. But everyone was off to bed fairly early and then the waiting game commenced. Riders due during the night were making their way closer to Cradock and Race Office was there to see them in. First to arrive in the wee hours was Charles, who arrived just before 2am, putting him comfortably under the 3-day mark. Barely 20 minutes later, Mike and Chris arrived, also happy to claim a sub-3 day finish. These three had ridden steadily since the start in Rhodes and were clearly happy to be finished - well done to all.

Their finishing times were:

Charles Mansfield   2d 21h 55min

Mike Potgieter         2d 22h 15min

Chris Mortimer         2d 22h 15min

Another day on the trail

With riders spread out along the second half of the trail, to focus shifts to the finish in Cradock. Closing in on Cradock this evening are Mike and Chris, who are expected in before midnight, having started their day at Romansfontein. Charles is also on his way, only about half an hour behind them.

Staying at Newlands tonight are Theo, Ann, Grant, Joyce, Dave and Ben - they rode through from Romansfontein today and pushed on past Elandsberg to try out this year’s new support station - a good effort from them today.

The next expected arrival at Newlands is Alex, the first of the racers. The gap back to the chasers is less than an hour and they are all heading to Cradock tonight. Alex is on track to sneak in under last year’s time but he can’t afford any sleep if he wants to pull it off. 

Anthony, Mike and Casper are blitzing through Elandsberg - stopping now would a loss of momentum and the wheels could possibly come off. Despite no sleep, Mike and Casper are toughing it out and determined to see through their non-stop riding plan. Anthony banked some sleep at Brosterlea, so he’s running a bit fresher than the others but was having thoughts of a brief stop at Newlands to recharge.

Gavin and Fjord are making their way over the Elandsberg portage - in the dark - a brave move on an infamous section of the route. Will they sleep out or sleep in at Elandsberg tonight?

Back in Hofmeyr we have Lee and Bryn, who were last seen in the pub with the locals. They are contemplating the finish tomorrow but it may depend on how late the party last at the pub.

Still on her way to Hofmeyr tonight is Janine, who has had a big day that started at Kranskop. She will sleep at Hofmeyr tonight and should finish late tomorrow.



Batch 1 and 2 - finishing times


Batch 1:

Trevor Maarschalk         4d 10h 15min

Russell Hanger              4d 11h 30min

John Foord                    4d 11h 30min

Chris Harburn                4d 11h 30min

Adohan van den Berg   4d 11h 30min

Jac Saayman                4d 11h 30min

Fiona Coward               4d 12h 40min

Aileen Kennaugh          4d 14h 20min


Batch 2:

Jacques Tattersall        3d 10h 15min

Rory Field                    4d 10h 55min

Colin Flatau                 4d 10h 55min

Sergio Maraschin        4d 10h 55min

Fabio Maraschin         4d 10h 55min

Shaun Tischendorf      4d 10h 55min

Chris Morris                 5d 6h 45min

Lindsay Morris             5d 6h 45min

Batch 3 finishing times


Batch 3:

Leon Kruger             4d 10h 15min

Dave Kruger             4d 10h 15min

Alex Kingwill             4d 10h 15min

Ed Kingwill                4d 10h 15min

Andrew Hanger         4d 10h 15min

Gary Stirk                  4d 10h 15min

Bard vd Westhuizen  4d 10h 15min

Chris and Lindsay are home

Chris and Lindsay rolled into Cradock just before lunch time today - they spent the night at Rockdale, the last emergency stop and had nothing but good things to say about it. Leaving early this morning, they watched the sunrise as they went up the Schurfteberg portage and cruised down the Swaershoek Pass to arrive in Cradock on their sixth day - well done guys, a great ride.

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