09h35 out of Chesneywold

Carl and Coen left the Chesneywold interim stop at 09h35 after having stopped for only 20 minutes - the short stop wasn't because the was no food or the coffee was cold. They should get to the Slaapkranz support station before 13h00, so they are on track to push on over the Bontehoek portage before sunset and get to Moordenaarspoort tonight. The only thing that could change their minds for them is the wind, which has been steadily increasing this morning...

A chilly morning in Rhodes

Batch A left in short sleeves yesterday but Batch B were reaching for an extra layer after a chilly night in Rhodes.

After last night’s dinner table discussions, it seems there could be an early break today, we may even see some riders getting over the Bontehoek portage before sunset – were they just bluffing and can they pull it off? The weather’s in their favour, let's wait and see…

Batch A is underway

After overnight rain in Rhodes, things were a little damp this morning but a hearty breakfast and good coffee was all it took to get the riders in Batch A fired up and ready to go.

In the group are Dave Bell, Dawn Bell, Chris Morris, Colleen Cawood, Janine Stewart, Jonathan Peers, Ray Sephton and Brad vd Westhuizen.

Their target for today is Slaapkranz but before that, Chesneywold awaits and Mienkie is no doubt cooking up a storm in preparation. The mud might delay them somewhat but the sun is already out doing it's work the the strong winds of yesterday have mellowed to a gentle breeze to help them along their way.

Smooth sailing on Day 1

Day 1 of the Race to Cradock has just wrapped up with the whole of Batch A arriving together at Slaapkranz support station at 14h30. They were all in good spirits when the race office intercepted them on the way up to the Kapokkraal portage, full of smiles and enjoying the balmy weather.

That puts the whole batch in joint first place at the moment – not that any of them are fighting for positions at this stage, although there could well be a fight on the go at Slaapkranz for a spot on the couch.

At the same time, the riders of Batch B have all arrived in Rhodes and are busying themselves with bike building and kit checking. Tomorrow they set off at 5am to test the legs and see how far down the trail they can get before the rumours of rain become actual rain drops and try to spoil their fun.

The inaugural Race to Cradock

A warm and blustery day in Rhodes greets the first batch of riders arriving at Rubicon for the inaugural Race to Cradock.

What lies ahead is 6 days of adventure: 575km of rugged terrain, starting at 1821m altitude in Rhodes, crossing the Eastern Cape highlands, then down into the Karoo to finish in Cradock.

Will fresh legs in Rhodes make a difference? Will the Stormberg live up to it’s name? Who knows, it’s a new event with new possibilities and we all wait to see how it plays out.

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