Day 3 wrap up

After a few days of good weather, the rain finally came. Batch A seemed to have been least affected as they made it into Romansfontein by early afternoon – Dave, Dawn, Colleen, Janine, Ray, Brad and Chris are staying over there tonight.

They were already heading off to bed by the time Carl and Coen arrived. Another good day for them after an early start from Moordenaarspoort. They had to dodge a storm in a cattle shed at Vegkoppies farm and had a few bike issues which slowed them down a bit but are still feeling good and ready for another big day tomorrow.

The rest of their Batch B riders, Fiona, Leon, Craig, Annie and Stewart arrived at Kranskop at 17h00, after another solid day’s riding – tomorrow they will be heading for Romansfontein.

Behind them we have Anthony (Batch C), who got to Moordenaarspoort at 20h00 after a long, hard day which included a few mechanicals and surviving a big storm on the Bontehoek.

The rest of Batch C, Colin, Gavin, Henry and Theo, all arrived at Slaapkrantz for lunch and decided to stay for the night – they may have to contend with a muddy Bontehoek portage in the morning.

Batch D are all sound asleep in Rhodes, thankful that the rain has finally stopped but no doubt dreading the muddy roads that await them in the morning.

News from the trail on Day 3

The riders from Batch A have had a good day – they left Kranskop at 04h00, stopped briefly at Brosterlea, scampered over the Stormberg, wasted no time getting through the tricky pivot section near De Rust and are now enjoying the good food and hospitality at Romansfontein. The are however minus one member – Jonathan was struggling, so opted to stop and rest at Brosterlea for the day.

Behind them we have Carl and Coen (Batch B) currently making their way up the Stormberg portage and making good time on their way to join Batch A at Romansfontein.

The rest of Batch B got over the Bontehoek portage today without too much trouble, made the customary lunch stop at Moordenaarspoort and are well on their way to Kranskop.

The rabbit from Batch C, Anthony, went off the front early on and had an early lunch at Slaapkranz, despite some minor bike issues hampering his progress. He’s currently fighting his way over the Bontehoek in the rain, which might spoil his plans further…

Starting with Anthony were Theo, Colin, Gavin and Henry – they have all arrived safely at Slaapkrantz, where they will stay for the night.

Day 2 round up

Another balmy day on the trail and apart from a brisk wind around midday, things seem to be running according to plan for the riders of Batch A – Dawn, Colleen, Chris, Ray, Brad, Janine, Jonathan and Dave were all in at Kranskop support station by 16h15.

Having left Slaapkranz at 05h00, it’s been a long day in the saddle, so now its time to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun setting over the mountains.

Batch B have cranked things up a notch today – an early split saw Carl and Coen going off the front and quickly through Chesneywold by mid morning. They are currently making their way over the Bontehoek portage and are on track to make it down before sunset and get to Moordenaarspoort for supper.

The rest of the Batch B - Annie, Stewart, Fiona, Craig and Leon - made it comfortably to Slaapkranz and were all in by 15h30, with no plans to go any further for the moment.

Early morning action on Day 3

This morning saw Batch A leaving Kranskop at 04h00 - they stopped at Brosterlea just after 08h00 and were gone again by 08h45 - leaving Jonathan there to rest up for the day - he's been struggling since yesterday and will try to catch up again tomorrow.

Carl and Coen seemed to have formed a good partnership - their first day took them all the way from Rhodes past Slaapkrantz, eventually ending at Moordenaarspoort at 21h00. After a good night's rest, they left again at 05h00 and stopped in at Kranskop at 07h30 for their second breakfast - their goal for the day will be Romansfontein.

The rest of Batch B are on their way over the Bontehoek portage and then via Moordenaarspoort to Kranskop for tonight.

Batch C left Rhodes and split up quickly - Anthony was already through Chesneywold by 09h00 and on his way to Slaapkranz. The rest of the batch: Theo, Colin, Gavin and Henry were taking things a bit slower and then took their time at Chesneywold enjoying the hospitality. They'll be aiming for Slaapkrantz today.

13h00 - update from Slaapkranz

Carl Scholtz and Coen De Bruin arrived for a quick lunch at Slaapkranz at 12h50 - that makes them about 90min quicker than yesterday's batch and sets them up nicely for pushing on to Moordenaarspoort for supper.

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