Monday morning news

Its been raining in the Stormberg since the early hours of this morning – this has affected all the riders still moving through that area.

Batch C riders Theo, Colin, Gavin and Henry are on their way to Brosterlea where they will stop for a while before continuing on towards the Stormberg portage.

Tim (Batch D) left Moordenaarspoort at 00h30, stopped in at Kranskop for 45min and is now very close to Brosterlea.

Up the road is Anthony, having left Brosterlea this morning. He seems to have sorted out his tyre issues for the moment.

Mike and Casper (Batch D) got to Brosterlea at 03h30 this morning and left again at 05h30 – they are now heading up the Stormberg portage in the rain.

Alex (Batch D) also stopped at Brosterlea, arriving at 11h30 last night and leaving again at 02h30. He’s now approaching Romansfontein, which puts him about 3 hours ahead of his chasers.

Batch B, Fiona, Leon, Craig, Annie and Stewart, together with Jonathan (batch A) all left Romansfontein this morning and are heading for Hofmeyr and then Elandsberg.

Batch A - Dave, Dawn, Chris, Colleen, Janine, Brad and Ray left Elandsberg at 04h00 and have just arrived at Stuttgart. After a second breakfast, they will be heading to the finish in Cradock.

Carl and Coen left Stuttgart at 05h00 and are currently going over the Schufteburg portage – after that its just the short climb up the back of Swaershoek Pass and then the long descent into Cradock.

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