20 June - the evening wrap up

Another beautiful day in Rhodes and the weather gods have smiled on the riders again. With clear skies and a light breeze, riding conditions were good and progress was swift for most of the riders.

Ingrid Avidon is at Vuvu tonight and should finish her race to Rhodes tomorrow. She’ll be glad for the company at the finish after a mostly solo ride.

The three riders who finished their Race to Rhodes today were Ann Harrison, Tony Wright and Caren Henschel. Ann arrived a bit earlier by coming through with Marnitz, Stuart and Ivor over Lehana, with Tony and Caren arriving mid afternoon.

Arriving early, the three RASA riders pushed on from Rhodes towards Chesneywold but sadly Stuart Roos had to turn back – he’s been nursing a knee strain since Masakala and it wasn’t improving. He’s out but will definitely be back in future.

Marnitz and Ivor rode strongly through to Chesneywold and got there in time for supper tonight. Tomorrow they have big plans…

Mike Devereux and Nico van Zyl, now with gears on his bike, had a good day too. They left Chesneywold with full stomachs and made it to Slaapkranz at dark. Tomorrow they face the Slaapkranz and Bontehoek portages before some good dirt roads to Kranskop.

Joining them will be Mike Glover and John Exley – they arrived at Slaapkranz by early afternoon with daylight to spare.

Tim James left Rhodes at 2am this morning planning a long day out. By early evening he was going over the Bontehoek portage on his way to Moordenaarspoort with the possibility of pressing on even further.

Andrew Barnes rode from Chesneywold through to Kranskop today, a good day out on the bike. He sleeps there tonight and seems determined to follow his plan of riding hard and sleeping well.

Not far up the road at Brosterlea tonight are Fjord Jordaan and Theo van Dyk. After a big day yesterday which saw them get from Rhodes to Moordenaarspoort, they eased off a bit today – maybe tomorrow will be another big one…

Romansfontein is busy tonight – Mike and Ingrid Talbot, Andrew Hunt, Andrew Blackburn, Nic Jordan and Mike Potgieter all rode through from Kranskop today, having now problems getting over the Stormberg portage and through the tricky pivot section on De Rust farm well before dark.

Hofmeyr plays host to the intrepid Pierre Oosthuizen tonight. After a cold night out in the mountains last night, he got to Romansfontein this morning to revive himself and then pushed on slowly over the Aasvoelberg portage and across the flats to Hofmeyr, his single speed legs spinning frantically to get there and avoid the 13-day cutoff.

Team Consistent, Beat and Liehann had another good day today, riding from Romansfontein via Hofmeyr to Elandsberg. The tricky Elandsberg portage presented no problems in daylight. Tomorrow a “double” could be on the cards for them.

At Stuttgart tonight are Mike Roy and John Bowen, who came through from Hofmeyr today. They took their time mind you, stopping for 2h at Elandsberg along the way with a further 30min coffee stop at Newlands farm.

A big group beds down at Grootdam tonight – LeeF, GaryG, GaryP, DaveT, Ant and Stu, together with Mike Ward, all doubled up from Elandsberg today.

Jacques Tattersall had an interesting day out, getting himself a bit lost on the Struishoek portage. He made it to Gegun but decided not to press on until tomorrow.

At Toekomst tonight are Maarten, Johann, Ian, Alan and Paul. Maarten arrived with daylight to spare but the rest had to get through the tricky Koedoeskop section in the dark. They pulled it off though and arrived for a late supper at the Toekomst  Lodge.

Making first tracks on the trail at the moment are Gert Peens and Anton Wood. They rode from Gegun, via Toekomst to Bucklands today, a long haul but they are making good progress and now the Baviaanskloof beckons.



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