9 June - news from the trail

With over 46 riders out on the trail already its getting harder to keep track of the action…

Batch 1 - RTR are out front and heading for Vuvu today, currently going over Black Fountain and no doubt enjoying the high mountain single track and panoramic views.

Batch 2 RTR split yesterday with Sergio, Fabio and Shaun electing to stay back at Glen Edward to sort out bike problems. They’re on the move again and heading for Masakala, with the possibility of pushing on to Malekholonyane later today. The rest of that group is already making good progress towards Malekholonyane.

Batch 3 RTR together with batch A RASA all left Ntsikeni this morning. Leon, Gary, Andrew and Alex (RTR) went far off route on the way out but did eventually find their way to Glen Edward. Now they are heading off to Masakala. The RASA guys, Johann, John, Paul, Alan and Ian also went slightly astray but corrected the error and got back to the intended Politque route. The time lost could mean another finish in the dark this evening but y now they are getting used to that. Behind them is Mike Roy who left late after a midnight arrival at Ntsikeni - another long day lies ahead for him.

Batch 4 RTR, Merak, Francois and Neil have all been through Centocow already this morning and are on their way to Ntsikeni. The batch B RASA guys, Rob and Tessa are with them and making good progress. The remaining RASA member, Pierre, is making his way to Allendale…he camped out in the Umkomaas Valley last night and only emerged this morning, seemingly none the worse for wear. he may consider trying to get through to Centocow for the night but there are many confusing forestry roads between him and that goal and not too many daylight hours left.

Batch 5 RTR with batch C RASA left PMB this morning: currently out front are John Loos (RTR) and Gert Peens (RASA) - unfortunately John’s riding partner Paul Erasmus has had to withdraw at Minerva due to illness. This may affect John’s non-stop riding ambitions unless he can convince Gert to tag along. Stephen Kellerman (RASA is also feeling a bit off this morning and still on his way up to Minerva, the rest of the guys, Anton (RASA) and Tony (RTR), Tracey and John (RTR), Neville, Maarten and Steve Jonstone (RASA) are all on their way to the Umko Valley.



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