8 June - early news from the trail

Mid morning on day 4 - the trackers are running, the riders are riding, some are walking more than riding but they are all on the move again.

Today's PMB departees (Rob,Tessa, Merak, Neil, Francois, Pierre) are making good progress to Minerva, the only exception being Pierre the singlespeeder who has stomach troubles, could it have something to do with all the rum he drank at the bar last night?

Johann, John, Ian, Paul, Alan and Mike all braved the cold and left Allendal at 5am this morning - they slipped through the Donnybrook forests without a hitch and are making good progress towards the soup stop at Centocow. Up ahead of them are the East London guys, Gary, Andrew,Leon and Alex (GALA) who are just arriving at Centocow.

Suspicions of the emergence of gravitational and magnetic interference around Politique are gaining traction - compasses seem to be misbehaving again today and the riders of batch 2 RTR are struggling to find the correct line getting out of Ntsikeni. These little detours all add time and effort but most of the riders eventually find their way back to the invisible red line - but the clock keeps on ticking. At the moment Rory, Sergio and Fabio are heading south and are way off route - their current course will see them reach the tar road south of the intended route and then need to do a few k's extra on the tar road to get back on track. 

Batch 1 RTR are enjoying their first 'easy' day on the trail (Masakala to Malekholonyane): PJ, Trevor,Nigel and Ernst blitzed through the Knira River floodplains this morning and if they don't come unstuck on the tricky Mparane ridge, should get to the next support station for lunch. Behind them are Chris, Russell and John, who emerged from their impromptu stopover in Shenxa village and had breakfast at Masakala - without their mate Jeremy, who was forced to withdraw this morning due to a chest infection. While Jeremy heads home, Chris and the guys should be reunited with their batch by this evening when they get to Malekholonyane.







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