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The busy finish line
Monday was a quiet day at Diemersfontein with Fjord Jordaan being the only arrival. Having ridden the last few days on his own, it was perhaps a fitting way to finish his adventure. He had a great ride this year, posting his quickest finishing time to date, an impressive 13h11h17min - this places him in the top 20 of all time finishing times and earns him his second blanket.
Yesterday saw the arrival of a bigger group of riders, spread out during the course of the afternoon. The first to arrive were Bugs du Toit and Andrew Ryan, together with Gerhard Dreyer. They crossed the finish line at 14h15, giving them the following finishing times: Bugs and Andrew in 17d8h15min and Gerhard in 19d8h15min. For Bugs it was blanket number two, while for Andrew and Gerhard, it was their first FC blanket.
The next to arrive was FC veteran Tim James - already with six blankets to his name, this arrival earned him his seventh and he finished in a time of 13d9h15min. 
Finishing not far behind Tim, was Mike Potgieter. He earned his second FC blanket in a time of 14d9h45min.
Then it was Gavin Robinson’s turn to cross the line. Having ridden with Bugs and Andrew fall the way from Pietemaritzburg, he chose to take it easy through Stettynskloof and cross the line on his own. His finishing time was 17d10h9min and this earned him his second FC blanket.
The last arrival for the day was Marnitz Nienaber, another FC veteran who with this finish also earned his seventh FC blanket. Although he came into this year’s race less prepared than in previous years, he managed to ride himself into shape and chalk up his fastest finishing time to date: 14d10h22min.


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