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Day 3 - morning report

After a night of rain in Rhodes last night, the sun is out and doing it’s best to dry everything out. Batch 3 are making their way to Chesneywold this morning along some rather damp roads and their progress has definitely been slowed by the change in conditions. Things should improve as they go though, so it would be wise for the East London boys, Leon, Dave, Andrew, Gary and Alex, together with Ed and Brad, to make the most of the hospitality at Chesneywoldand let the sun work it’s magic.

Batch 2 are making good progress over the Bontehoek portage and have formed a large group - Chris, Lindsay, Colin, Rory, Sergio, Fabio and Shaun must all be getting along well and enjoying the company. The only one not among them is Jacques - he surged ahead of them yesterday already and ended his day at Moordenaarspoort last night. After getting over the Bontehoek portage before dark, his progress was slowed somewhat by strong winds but he arrived just after 9pm. This morning he left just after 6am and has already passed through Kranskop support station (where he stopped for over an hour) and is on his way to Brosterlea.

Batch 1 are also on their way to Brosterlea and should arrive by mid morning. They left Kranskop before sunrise and again the boys wasted some time with a minor navigation error while the girls got through cleanly and ended up in from of the boys again. Fiona and Aileen are riding steady and smart and seem to be getting stronger after taking strain over the first two days. The boys - Trevor, John, Chris, Russell, Jac and Adohan are all riding strongly and despite their extra kilometres now and then, always manage to get back on track, so the group as a whole is going well and sticking to their daily schedule.




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