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2016 RASA Leaderboard - All Finishers Times

UNDER 15 days

1MartinDreyerRASA 201210d 16h40
2AlexHarrisRASA 201210d 23h57
3Theovan DykRASA 201611d 08h53
4BruceHughesRASA 201611d 08h54
5MartinDreyerRASA 201312d 05h55
6JeannieDreyerRASA 201312d 05h55
7GrahamBirdRASA 201412d 13h00
8AlexHarrisRASA 201112d 15h30
9TimJamesRASA 201612d 19h00
10TimDeaneRASA 201612d 21h00
11TimJamesRASA 201513d 07h50
12AndrewBarnesRASA 201513d 08h20
13GrahamBirdRASA 201213d 09h05
14GlennHarrisonRASA 201113d 10h40
15MikeWoolnoughRASA 201613d 13h32
16ScottJamesRASA 201313d 15h20
17TimJamesRASA 200913d 15h50
18LiehannLootsRASA 201613d 09h45
19AlexHarrisRASA 201014d 08h10
20FjordJordaanRASA 201514d 11h40
21TimJamesRASA 200814d 12h15
22JacquesTattersallRASA 201614d 12h38
23MarnitzNienaberRASA 201414d 13h20
24Christovan den HeeverRASA 201314d 15h20
25CarlCrousXTC 201014d 19h55

15 Days to 20 Days

26Theovan DykRASA 201515d 09h00
27TrevorBallRASA 201215d 09h05
28Theovan DykRASA 201215d 09h05
29MarnitzNienaberRASA 201015d 11h40
30AugustCarstensRASA 201015d 11h40
31LeonErasmusRASA 201615d 12h38
32GlennHarrisonRASA 201015d 14h20
33UgeneNelRASA 201115d 15h30
34MikeWoolnoughRASA 201215d 16h10
35MarnitzNienaberRASA 201315d 19h05
36CharlesMansfieldRASA 201315d 19h05
37MarnitzNienaberRASA 201516d 08h55
38IvorJonesRASA 201516d 08h55
39HannoSmitRASA 201416d 08h55
40Maartenvan DalsenRASA 200716d 09h14
41SirkLootsRASA 200816d 10h15
42TimJamesRASA 201116d 10h55
43AndrewKingRASA 200816d 11h05
44MattBothaRASA 200816d 11h05
45WernerNienaberRASA 201616d 12h38
46BenSwanepoelRASA 200616d 13h20
47Cornellvan der WesthuizenRASA 200616d 13h20
48UgeneNelRASA 201016d 20h00
49TrevorBallRASA 201016d 20h00
50AndreVisserRASA 201217d 07h47
51GawieDu PlessisRASA 201417d 07h50
52AxelPoserRASA 201417d 09h00
53DanielOttoRASA 201417d 09h00
54AllenSharpRASA 201217d 09h10
55RichmondMacIntyreRASA 201217d 09h10
56MarnitzNienaberRASA 201117d 10h55
57TimJamesRASA 200717d 11h30
58WesselCronjeXTC 200517d 12h10
59MikeWardRASA 201517d 12h30
60TravisSaundersRASA 201017d 18h40
61PaulErasmusRASA 201118d 08h40
62MartinDreyerRASA 201118d 08h40
63Coende BruinRASA 201318d 09h15
64AndrewBradfordRASA 201318d 09h15
65JustinBouwerRASA 201018d 09h59
66MarnitzNienaberRASA 200918d 10h00
67GertPeensRASA 201518d 10h15
68AntonWoodRASA 201518d 10h15
69AndrewHuntRASA 201518d 10h50
70Francoisdu ToitRASA 201418d 12h15
71GaryGreenRASA 201518d 12h30
72JacquesTattersallRASA 201518d 12h40
73SteveBurnettRASA 200818d 13h05
74GrantCowenRASA 201618d 14h30
75AnnHarrisonRASA 201618d 14h30
76GawieDu PlessisRASA 201218d 19h30
77JodyForresterRASA 201219d 07h47
78AntonWoodRASA 201319d 07h50
79ColinAndersonRASA 201319d 07h50
80GrahamBirdXTC 201119d 07h55
81Bende LangeRASA 201119d 07h55
82TatumPrinsXTC 201119d 07h55
83MarkLoftusRASA 201119d 07h55
84CasperVenterRASA 201219d 08h10
85Charlvan der SpuyRASA 201219d 08h10
86LeeJohnRASA 200719d 09h03
87HanneleSteyn-KotzeRASA 200719d 09h03
88DougKennaughRASA 201319d 09h15
89DavidBellRASA 201319d 09h15
90JanineStewartRASA 201319d 09h15
91JannieGerberRASA 200719d 09h45
92Zanede DeckerRASA 201019d 09h52
93Jethrode DeckerRASA 201019d 09h52
94Francis (Bugs)du ToitRASA 201419d 10h25
95AllenLiversageRASA 201419d 10h25
96GarthFlandersRASA 201119d 10h40
97MikePotgieterRASA 201519d 10h45
98NicJordanRASA 201519d 10h45
99AndrewBlackburnRASA 201519d 10h45
100GaryScoularRASA 201619d 10h45
101BeatJegerlehnerRASA 201519d 10h50
102LiehannLootsRASA 201519d 10h50
103IngridTalbotRASA 201519d 11h30
104MichaelTalbotRASA 201519d 11h30
105MikeGloverRASA 201519d 11h55
106JohnExleyRASA 201519d 11h55
107BarryFutterRASA 201319d 12h25
108GeorgeEvansRASA 201319d 12h25
109JohnCroasdaleRASA 201319d 12h25
110AntJankovicj-BesanRASA 201519d 12h30
111XolaniMtshaliRASA 200719d 12h45
112AllenSharpRASA 200819d 12h45
113StuBrewRASA 200819d 12h55
114MarkMitchellRASA 200919d 13h00
115AndrewBarnesXTN 200819d 13h05
116DanieNelRASA 200819d 13h05
117ChrisMorrisRASA 201619d 13h32
118WillieEsterhuizenRASA 201619d 13h32
119CarenHenschelRASA 201619d 19h15
120TonyWrightRASA 201619d 19h15

20 Days - 25 days

121SeanPrivettXTC 201220d 08h10
122AugustCarstensRASA 201120d 09h00
123ChrisMorrisRASA 201020d 09h05
124DavidBellRASA 201020d 09h05
125MikeWoolnoughRASA 200720d 09h30
126RohanSurridgeRASA 200720d 09h30
127AdamNelRASA 200720d 09h30
128ScottJamesRASA 201020d 09h38
129GawieDu PlessisRASA 201020d 09h38
130MartinCiolkoszRASA 201320d 09h45
131Leonvan der NestXTC 201320d 09h48
132Andriesde VilliersXTC 201320d 09h48
133JuliaFisherRASA 201320d 09h48
134ChrisFisherRASA 201320d 09h48
135StuBrewRASA 201420d 10h00
136PhilipKleijnhansRASA 201320d 10h30
137RobbieMcIntoshRASA 201320d 10h30
138LouisKirstenRASA 201120d 11h15
139AntonKirstenRASA 201120d 11h15
140DaveTelfordRASA 201520d 11h20
141LeeFullerRASA 201520d 11h20
142Amy JaneMundyRASA 200520d 11h50
143BenSwanepoelRASA 200520d 11h50
144UgeneNelRASA 200920d 12h00
145TrevorBallRASA 200920d 12h00
146DaveBarrXTC 200920d 12h00
147LeonKrugerRASA 201420d 12h15
148MikeWoolnoughRASA 200920d 13h10
149GlennHarrisonRASA 200920d 13h10
150BrettRightfordRASA 201120d 13h30
151Coende BruinRASA 201120d 13h30
152JacquesSwartRASA 201120d 13h30
153RayFarrenkothenRASA 201020d 14h55
154Coende BruinRASA 201420d 15h20
155ConMalherbeRASA 201420d 15h20
156StuartBrewRASA 201520d 20h30
157GaryPrestonRASA 201520d 20h30
158CarlCrousRASA 200821d 09h10
159RetiefJoubertRASA 201121d 09h10
160ChrisMorrisRASA 201221d 09h35
161DawnBellRASA 201221d 09h35
162Mariusdu PreezRASA 201121d 09h40
163GuyMcKechnieRASA 201321d 10h30
164ShaunAdamsRASA 201321d 10h30
165TedAdamsRASA 201321d 10h30
166GavinRobinsonRASA 201321d 10h40
167HenryAngoveRASA 201321d 10h40
168AndreBritzRASA 200721d 10h57
169EarleWakefordRASA 200721d 10h57
170AndyWonnacottRASA 200721d 10h57
171DaveMoberlyRASA 201321d 11h00
172PeteButtonRASA 201321d 11h00
173Estiedu PlessisRASA 200921d 12h00
174AndreEksteenRASA 200921d 12h00
175PhilipErasmusRASA 201421d 12h15
176GeorgeWiekenusRASA 201421d 12h15
177ScottRutherfoordRASA 201621d 12h38
178StephenHoneyRASA 200921d 13h10
179HaydenGreenRASA 201621d 14h30
180LiehannLootsRASA 201421d 16h05
181JillHomerRASA 201421d 16h05
182AvrilMetelerkampRASA 201322d 09h15
183ColinMyersRASA 201122d 09h20
184PaulGripperRASA 201122d 09h20
185RoryFieldRASA 201222d 09h35
186TimVan CollerRASA 201222d 10h17
187MaartenWittersRASA 201522d 10h35
188JacobusStrydomRASA 200822d 10h45
189GregPerrettRASA 201622d 10h45
190RichardColeRASA 201622d 10h45
191Davidvan der WesthuizenRASA 201322d 11h00
192PierreSingereyRASA 201322d 11h00
193BruceHughesRASA 201322d 11h00
194CharlesHughesRASA 201322d 11h00
195AnsaSmitRASA 201322d 11h00
196SarelSmitRASA 201322d 11h00
197TravisSaundersRASA 201222d 11h38
198BurtonSaundersRASA 201222d 11h38
199GaerenWilkinsonRASA 201322d 11h45
200Pierrele RouxRASA 200922d 12h00
201LouisWesselsRASA 200922d 12h00
202JohannBaardRASA 201222d 12h00
203PeterO'FarrellRASA 201222d 12h00
204SteveThomasRASA 201422d 12h20
205DiThomasRASA 201422d 12h20
206RomanPetrRASA 201222d 12h30
207KatarinaCervikovaRASA 201222d 12h30
208DavieKevinRASA 200722d 13h00
209SteveThomasRASA 200722d 13h00
210SeanWoolnoughRASA 200922d 13h00
211DerekHall-JonesRASA 200922d 13h00
212DavidWaddiloveXTC 200422d 13h15
213AndrewKingXTC 200422d 13h15
214RobertWaddiloveXTC 200422d 13h15
215KeithLittleXTC 201022d 13h40
216Leonvan der NestRASA 201022d 13h40
217Nicvan ZylRASA 201522d 16h00
218IngridAvidonRASA 201023d 06h00
219AnthonyAvidonRASA 201023d 06h00
220Henniede ClerqRASA 200823d 08h50
221IanWaddiloveRASA 200823d 08h50
222CharlesSherwanRASA 200823d 08h50
223PeteEverettRASA 200823d 08h50
224DimitriKiefferXTC 200523d 09h05
225ErrolDerrickRASA 201023d 09h40
226ErrolDerrickRASA 201123d 09h40
227JohnLoosRASA 201123d 09h40
228AlbertHumphriesRASA 201123d 09h40
229EstelleLabuschagneRASA 201023d 09h40
230DiThomasRASA 201123d 10h45
231RickyThomasRASA 201123d 10h45
232HuguesClauserRASA 201623d 10h45
233DeonBothaRASA 201123d 10h55
234RichardEdwardsRASA 201423d 12h20
235DinoMarusichXTC 201223d 12h30
236ErrolDerrickRASA 200923d 13h00
237EstelleLabuschagneRASA 200923d 13h00
238BrettRheerdersRASA 200923d 13h00
239TimJamesRASA 201023d 13h00
240BecCaskeyRASA 201023d 13h00
241BlackieSwartRASA 201023d 13h00
242BrianO'ReganRASA 201223d 14h00
243PierreOosthuizenRASA 201623d 14h15
244MikeDevereuxRASA 201523d 16h00
245Bradfordvan der WesthuizenRASA 201623d 16h30
246XolaniMtshaliRASA 200623d 23h59
247BonganiSiphukoRASA 200524d 07h15
248RobertKotaRASA 200524d 07h15
249FrancoisRiekertRASA 200824d 09h30
250QuentonOatesRASA 200824d 09h30
251DiThomasRASA 200824d 09h30
252AndrewMastersRASA 201324d 10h10
253PeterStephensRASA 201324d 10h10
254Clintle RouxRASA 201624d 11h00
255NevilleHiggsRASA 201624d 11h00
256FanusVorsterRASA 201624d 11h20
257EricTollnerRASA 201324d 11h45
258TimVan CollerRASA 201124d 12h45
259JohannRissikRASA 201524d 13h25
260AlanHauptRASA 201524d 13h25
261PaulDaltonRASA 201524d 13h25
262IanVerwayenRASA 201524d 13h25
263GerdaGrunerRASA 201024d 13h40
264GerritPretoriusRASA 201224d 14h00
265ErikEgelandRASA 200924d 14h00

Over 25 days

266StephenKellermanRASA 201225d 10h15
267Gerald Francoisvan der MerweRASA 201625d 11h00
268JoanLouwrensRASA 201125d 12h15
269CraigMackroryRASA 201125d 012h15
270SisekoMarareniRASA 200925d 16h00
271GerritPretoriusRASA 200625d 23h59
272BruceYoungRASA 200926d 00h00
273CarlCrousRASA 200926d 00h00
274DougKennaughRASA 200926d 00h00
275FionaCowardRASA 200926d 00h00
276GreggMcDonaghRASA 200926d 00h00
277DerrickBaardRASA 200926d 00h00





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