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23 July 2019

We are now into the 7thday of RASA and there are 7 batches out on the trail. Up front Brad, Richard and Derrick (AKA Brad’s bunch) together with Fanus and Nigel are the first riders to lay down tracks past Rhodes. They have been riding well, finishing most days comfortably in daylight and enjoying their time on the trail. They bid farewell to Sandy and Beth at Rhodes who both had fantastic RTR rides, well done ladies. They will go over Koppokraal today and then two big portages tomorrow morning which marks the end of the long portages until Die Leer. 

Heading up Lehanas today was team Kranskop, Ie. Sandy, Willem, RG, Sarah and Johan L. Harko joined them up Lehanas but Philip E and Johan R opted for the Mcambalala detour route. They were all safely in Rhodes by 4pm. Photographer, Llewellyn Lloyd found them on Lehanas so feats your eyes on some of these incredible images!!!



Radislav stuck with his new team: James, Bryn and Graeme as they headed out of Malekgolonyane, over black fountain and up the Vuvu valley. This was probably a safer bet from a navigational point of view considering how lost he got on his own during day 2. 


Nigel and Adrian have caught up a day, despite their sleep in Snakefields on Friday night. They will be an hour or two behind the other up the Vuvu valley but should still arrive in daylight. 


Charles and Francis had an early start out of Masakala in order to push through Malekgolonyane and will be the first rider to sleep at Tinana this year. Charles was feeling ill for the first couple days but latest reports are that he is much better now. 


Kobus, Alan, Francois and Mark S had a reltively chilled day day from Masakala to Malekgolonyane, which would have been a welcome relief after the first 3 tough days. Kobus has been struggling a bit with saddle sores since Allendale so sure his bum enjoyed an afternoon off the saddle.


Renier, Gavin and Andrew made it from Glen edward through Masakala to arrive at Malekgolonyane at sunset. A great effort by them effectlvely now having ridden the first 4 days in 3 days. 


Mark B and Grant had an early start out of Ntsikeni and made steady progress to arrive at Masakala at 15h15. 


Joining them at Masakala later tonight will be Derrick B and Kevin. They have now made it to Masakala in 2 days which is no mean feat. 


Gary Scoular had to serve a 4.5 hour penalty yesterday at Centocow for getting a new wheel but he still got to Glen Edward last night and still pushed to Malekgolonyane today to catch up with the other 3 from his batch. This was not without a little bumbling in the bushes on route down from Mparane to Gladstone. 


Grant H and Leon K left Centocow early and had a good ride through Ntsikeni but after 2 big days decided to stop for decent rest at Glen Edward.


Starting today was Anthony Avidon, Gawie du Plessis, Scott James and rookie: Kyle Dohne. They all had ambitios plans at briefing with minimum goal of Centocow in their sights. PMB local, Kyle, had a massive crowd bidding him farewell so the startline was a festive affair. 


They all did well to reach Allendale by 14h30 and swiftly pushed on. Antony kept the dot-watchers entertained with his tiger-line from Umko crossing straight up to the Hella hella hairpin. Not sure if it was faster but he won the tough-guy prize for the day, especially seeing as he is carrying his 18 year-old “rocking char” bike. 


They all reached Centocow before dinner but Scott was the only one to push on and should be at Ntsikeni shortly after midnight.




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